Weekly Update #10

Current Weight is 251.2 lbs
Previous Weight was 253.8 lbs

I lost 2.6 lbs this week I was aiming for 3.5 lbs. I worked out 6 days last week and burned an average of 2073 calories per day in exercise. Consumed an average of 1300 – 1700 calories per day. I had a great weight loss this week considering last week was only .8 lbs. I’m starting to see an interesting pattern looking back at the last year. Every time I seem to hit a plateau with my weight loss the ideal thing do get it moving is to change what I’m eating. It’s as if my body becomes accustomed to the food and puts it self in an idle mode. I tend to eat the same meals over time because it makes it simple to track, easy to shop for, easy to prepare and simply because food has become fuel and less about pleasure. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of foods that I enjoy to eat that I find pleasurable. But I’ve learned to balance what I want against what my body actually needs.

So this week is Thanksgiving and to my surprise I’m not feeling nervous about the food. Probably because this has been the year in which I learned to love and enjoy vegetables. Not to mention also having the opportunity to educate myself on nutrition.

Goal for this week is to consume no more than 1688 calories per day. Burn an average of 1422 calories per day in exercise over 6 day period. Weight loss goal is to lose 3.9 lbs.

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