Weekly Update #7

Current Weight is 257.8 lbs
Previous Weight was 261.6 lbs

I lost 3.8 lbs this week I was aiming for 3.3 lbs. I worked out 6 days last week and burned an average of 2150 calories per day in exercise. Consumed an average of 1300 – 1700 calories per day.

Goal for this week is to consume no more than 1719 calories per day. Burn an average of 1116 calories per day in exercise over 6 day period. Weight loss goal is to lose 3.4 lbs.

6 Comments Weekly Update #7

  1. Irene

    my dream was for a laser printer. My dad works with comps so I feel like we always had on in the house (at least that I can remember) but we had those super super old dot matrix printers that would print like one line an hour. He told me when I got me first piece published he would buy me a prlelnr.Weti, in 9th grade, our class put out a special paper of stories & poems to honor our small town celebrating their millinium or somthing like that. And since technically it was a published piece, I got to get a printer

  2. youi.com.au

    Lovely outfit, as always.I'm so jealous of your bun. If I tried to rock the top bun look it would just end up looking like this little weird nub of hair. Not cute. Not cute at all!


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