Weekly Update #17

Current Weight is 246.2 lbs
Previous Weight was 248 lbs

I lost 1.8 lbs this week I was aiming for 1.46 lbs. I worked out 6 days last week and burned an average of 1947 calories per day in exercise. Consumed an average of 1300 – 1700 calories per day. I noticed something on my spreadsheet today approximately 1.22 of the weight I lost this week was from lean body mass aka muscle. This concerns me a little but not a lot on account that the means that I am using for measuring body fat percentage is not supper accurate by any means. However it does have me thinking about the idea that I should evaluate my food choices a bit and make sure that I’m actually eating enough to sustain the amount of work that I’m putting in at the gym. There are nights in which I will skip dinner or simply much on an apple. Not because I’m not hungry but because I don’t like going to bed with a full stomach. The scale can be a poor measure of progress because it fails to take into account fluid retention, weight of food that is in your stomach and not to be gross the weight of the food that you have already digested that is waiting to leave your body. A good example of this is the fact that when I stepped on the scale on Friday I weighted 244.6 lbs yet when I stepped on the scale this morning it was 246.2 that’s a 1.6 lb difference. I didn’t gain that extra pound from inactivity or not eating well so I conclude that it must be one of those three possibilities.

Goal for this week is to consume no more than 1689 calories per day. Burn an average of 1041 calories per day in exercise over 6 day period. Weight loss goal is to lose 1.45 lbs.

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