Weekly Update #21

Current Weight is 234.2 lbs
Previous Weight was 235 lbs

I lost .8 lbs this week I was aiming for 1.45 lbs. I worked out 6 days last week and burned an average of 2595 calories per day in exercise. Consumed an average of 1500 – 1700 calories per day.

Year Of Fitness

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of not only owning a gym membership but actually using it. After losing an initial 58 lbs (438 at start) I was finally able to use the equipment at my local gym. I got on the Treadmill on the back row of the cardio equipment section of the gym. The back row partly because I was embarrassed to be seen in the gym at my weight and also because it was close to the stairs to the first floor. I remember that just walking up to the cardio equipment section alone left me winded.

I remember stepping onto the Treadmill with fear because I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I grasped the arm rests on the sides of the machine to steady myself at my weight I was uncoordinated and had already had occasion to lose my balance and fall. The last thing I wanted to do was to fall in such a public place. I set the Treadmill at a speed of 1.5 mph and zero inclination. I kept my eyes closed because I didn’t want to be aware of anyone who might be potentially staring at me. After 30 minutes I was exhausted, my legs were in pain and I was feeling light headed. I ended up having to sit on the floor for 10 minutes so that I could gain enough strength to make it down to my car. My thighs were bloody because of the friction generated by them rubbing against each other. When I got home I did the best I could to tend to my injuries.

As I sat there in pain I started to question if I would be able to go back. I walked out of my room and started to share my experience with my room-mate who accidentally helped me stumble upon the thing that would help me to get past my hurdle. He suggested that I try wearing cycling shorts and sure enough it worked. Eventually my closing my eyes was more because of the meditative benefit that I got from it rather than the fear of humiliation. After a while I made friends with the regulars which helped me stay consistent because they would wonder were I was if I didn’t show up. There interest had nothing to do with my progress but more to do with my friendship which helped me overcome my many concerns about being in public.

As you can see in the photo I have made incredible strides. Today I’m 147 lbs lighter then the first day I stepped into the gym. Currently I set the treadmill at it’s maximum inclination while moving at a brisk 3.5 mph. I’m able to easily knock out a 10k without feeling worn out. I may not be the fastest person but I sure have heart and quit is not in my vocabulary.

Goal for this week is to consume no more than 1647 calories per day. Burn an average of 1363 calories per day in exercise over 6 day period. Weight loss goal is to lose 1.41 lbs.

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  1. Sandra

    Thanks for sharing again, David, and again on such a personal level. What an incredible journey you’ve been on with trials that so many of us could never understand, but that still inspire. I have to say, working that treadmill at highest inclination for your whole workout – whew! You’re not just a rock star, you are one tough cookie!


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