Weekly Update #25

FitBit Company Challenge

Last week was pretty fantastic if only because something that I never imagined would happen. The company I work for has decided to put together a FitBit challenge as a way of encouraging folks to get healthy. I personally thought that this was a great idea because it would be something that all staff members would be able to participate in on account that it wasn’t weight loss specific challenge as we have had in the past. I realize not everyone needs to lose weight at a company so making the challenge more focused on accumulating a 10,000 steps per day with the over all goal of reaching 3 million steps as an organization is a fair way to include all. Well shortly after the challenge was announced I called my HR representative and asked to join the challenge. About an hour later I received a phone call from a random co-worker from our headquarters in Virgina whom I’ve never met because I work out of a satellite office in Florida. I answered the phone with my cheerful hello how may I help you tone when all of the sudden I hear this voice on the other line ask “Are you training for a marathon?” I started to laugh like I haven’t laughed in a long time and I told him no. I had get to take a look at the company challenge leader board to see how I ranked. Well it turns out that I eclipsed the entire company in number of steps by a significant amount. The sad part was that the reason for the phone call was because they were wanting to determine if they should even participate because it was clear that non of them would even have a chance to beat my placement on the leader board.

I was in shock how far I’ve come in this last year the thought that I could intimidate anyone because of my physical fitness would have been beyond belief a year ago. I contacted the HR department and told them that I would pass on any prizes or rewards in the interest that other individuals at my company would not be motivated to participate. Not to mention that the phone call alone was an amazing reward in that it boosted my self-esteem tremendously.

In other news today is my 40th birthday and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve achieved several of the goals that I’d set for myself and my outlook for the future is quite bright.

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  1. Sandra

    Happy Birthday and many happy days in front of you!

    David, that photo of you way out on the leader board gave me quite the chuckle. Love it! You will definitely lead the company to 3 million steps and more. Just wonderful!


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